The Pierrel House

The history of the Pierrel Champagne House has its roots in 1987 when Dominique Pierrel, then 26 years old, returned from his trip to the United States with a single idea in mind: to create his own Champagne House.

Passionate about great wines and in love with the Champagne terroir on which he was born and raised, it took three years of hard work for his House to finally see the light of day in 1990 in Epernay, in the very heart of Champagne.

Since that day, Dominique has been particularly passionate about two aspects of her profession: the production of great champagne wines and the unique packaging of these prestigious bottles.

From the start and in order to affirm his resolutely modern approach to champagne, he chose to specialize in the high-end personalization of the bottles he markets to his corporate clientele.

Maison Pierrel has now become the benchmark for personalized champagne and now offers its unique know-how to private connoisseurs thanks to the Atelier Champagne Pierrel.