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Champagne is the drink of celebration, the one that sparkles the small daily pleasures as the important events of life. There is no celebration without Champagne. For 25 years now, Maison Pierrel has accompanied you for your gifts, your weddings, your baptisms and your parties with the motivation: to immortalize the event and crystallize the joy of the celebration through a bottle of champagne that suits you.

Atelier Champagne Pierrel is a whole team dedicated to the development of your 100% personalized cuvée. From the work of the wine to the manual dressing of your bottles, it is a heritage of 300 years of history and a unique know-how of 25 years which come together so that with each bottle uncorked, the moment is unique and the moment engraved in the memories. Each bottle is thus the result of a multiplicity of professions, a common passion and a unique terroir.